A mysterious letter arrives…

pippafrontpageDear Marcy Cantatagallop,

Thank you so much for showing interest in Astranar. We are happy to invite you to spend the summer at the Royal Summer Equestrian Camps for Girls, with seven different sites available throughout our country for you to chose from. Your horse will be waiting for you, and we have many activities and adventures for you to experience.

There are riding clubs, trail rides, and numerous farms that our campers enjoy visiting, as well as visits to other districts or the capital itself. Many of our campers also form riding clubs with their friends. There is also the opportunity to win a scholarship to our prestigious Royal Riding Academy, focused on equestrian sciences and arts.

Attached you’ll find a packing list and your scholarship and flight information. Please contact the school’s office to confirm your details.

Hope to see you soon,

Headmistress Wyonna Thyme

Now if only Marcy could remember applying…

Welcome to Mystic Riders MMO! We are a couple of game devs who are looking to create a non-combative, high quality game centered around magic, horses, and the perils of growing up and learning who to trust, marketed for preteen girls but of course anyone is welcome to play. (I mean really, would we be wanting to make the game if we didn’t want to play it, lol?)

Mystic Riders is still in very early development and so doesn’t currently have a release date as we seek to finish up art concepts and look for funding!

We have several different posts, pages, and categories that you can reference via our menu above about what all we’re up to. Under About the Game (Devs) you’ll find the bios for the game devs as well as a few blog posts about us like what games we like and the core/pillars we have for the game. Contact is a simple form if you want to ask us any questions outside of the comments. About Mystic Riders Gameplay focuses on the technical aspects of the game. There’s some subcategories if you only want to see what’s relevant for you: developers, parents, and future players. Photos has some graphic photos or pictures of quotes that we consider major influences on why we are passionate about this game. Most of these posts are by Ginny once a week with Becca occasionally popping in.

Characters, Location, and Story is where you can learn about Argentum, Astranar, and the people you’ll meet. If you are as horse-crazy as we are, Horses and Pets is a fun little section where you can see some of the breeds and pets you can have in the game (this one is still updating by Becca, so keep an eye out). Holiday Sneak Peek is a special section where there are posts showing the specific Christmas time shenanigans that will be happening in the games. The last one is News, where we hope we get to post any cool updates like the demo being in process or finishing certain aspects of game creation. Becca runs most of these, except for Holiday Sneak Peek because holidays are Ginny’s passion (and mad scientist creations).

You can also check us out on Twitter @MysticRidersMMO.

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