Pet Spotlight: Wolf

Pet Spotlight: Wolf

These wolves aren’t so much pets as fosters. In an effort to keep the wolf population settled and thriving, without infringing on humans, an educational program takes the pups around to be cared for and made used to humans (as friends, not food) before they are released back into the wild. All paws and curious noses, they get into as much trouble as they get out of. Wolf pups are available in every district, though you’ll have to catch the program as it cycles through, but they cannot be tamed or caught in the wild or purchased in a shop.

Wolf pups take a lot of work, including a specialized diet that would mimic what their mothers would provide for them. Their heightened sense of smell and hearing means they have a high play drive like a puppy… they just aren’t nearly as obedient. They’ll want to examine anything new they encounter. This could be running off at any time or it may mean chewing on something they aren’t supposed to, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on your friend.

The education group fosters pups out for six months. After that, it’s important for the pups to be returned to the group so they can continue with their work to integrate the pup back into a pack and allow it to manage a territory without infringing on farmlands or being threatened by humans. Very rarely, someone will have a pup for longer, but that’s usually because of either a health issue with the pup that is still being treated or because the pup was orphaned and the program is figuring out the best placement.

As cute as they are, it’s important to remember that these are wolves, not dogs, so they are still wild animals. They are meant to be temporary friends at best, but they will teach you so much about the instincts of nature. Oh wait, you’re a cat person instead? No worries, the wolf education program has a sister-program that may be right up your alley.

(AS A NOTE: Ginny and Becca are offering a wolf option to appeal to players in a way that is at least making a nod to the true situations of wolves and wolf-dogs, who are in desperate need of sanctuary as people don’t know how to raise them and many hate them illogically on sight, even when they haven’t done anything to livestock. Wolves have a place in our ecosystems, not in our homes, which is why wolves aren’t a pet you can keep in the game. Exact mechanics are up for debate with a programmer…when we get one.)