Pet Spotlight: Ferret

Pet Spotlight: Ferret

Fluffy and yet elegant, ferrets and stoats have a reputation of royalty, playfulness… and just a bit of mischief. Since the Light magic users have exclusive rights to the rabbit, it seems only fair that the Shadow magic users have exclusive access to ferrets. Ferrets in all their limited variety of colors and patterns are available in every district, or you can find them in the wild to be tamed though be careful not to try this on babies or their mother, the magic won’t work on them.

Ferrets are a long noodle of play and adorable behavior at its finest. While they can sometimes get into everything and anything that their heads can fit into, they are also remarkably sweet and can be very well mannered pets. Many even have “rules” for how they play, and they can act very dramatic if they accidentally break those rules. The ones Astranar offers to players (and that are willing to be bespelled by the magic) are those that confident enough to handle being on a harness and leash and go for a walk as well as content to ride in your saddle bag rather than climbing all over you and your horse.

Much like their rabbit friends, ferrets have a cartoon reputation, but that’s as villains and tricksters. And okay, their curiosity might get them into trouble occasionally, but look at those little faces. How can you stay mad at them? As long as you keep a close eye on them, they shouldn’t get into too much trouble, and they can be good deterrents of pests in your rooms. Of course, if you have a roommate who has a rabbit, you might have some problems getting them to behave around each other…

Despite their reputation, ferrets are elegant pets that are much beloved by their Shadow rider owners. Maybe their insistence on rules of engagement will rub off on them a bit… But this is the last of our mundane pets, and before we get into the more limited edition options, we need to get back to horses. See us next week as we reveal more of our horses!

Light or Shadow: Which Faction Do You Choose?

Light or Shadow: Which Faction Do You Choose?

One of the issues with MMORPGs is that the story can often feel railroaded or set in stone as a player goes through the game. No matter what type of profession they are or race, they end up playing the same story. MMORPGs aren’t at the point yet of, say, Detroit Become Human, where every option creates a myriad of other options and endings. However, Mystic Riders has a couple ideas in mind to allow the player to have more ‘control’ over their adventure.

One of these is our faction system.

In Mystic Riders, there are two groups of magical riders; the Light Riders, and the Shadow Riders. They’re at odds with each other and don’t know how to get along. The Light Riders control the mastery of the elements and some say thought itself, while the Shadow Riders control things such as petrification and decay, and they’re rumored to control fear and nightmares.

Why there are two factions is something of a mystery. Once upon a time, there didn’t seem to be Light or Shadow magicians at all. There were simply magicians. No one knows what happened. Now, it is what it is, and the Light Riders and Shadow Riders vie for control of the Mirror World.

Nobody is sure what would happen if one side gained more control of the other, though both sides are determined to try.

During the game, the player will be given choices on what side they want to be part of: the Light or the Shadow. And from that point on in the story, they will experience different story quests as they proceed in the game (until they’re prompted on whether or not they want to switch sides again). The player is allowed to choose and decide their own motivations for doing so. Do they really believe one faction is better than the other? Maybe they’re a spy?

On top of having different story quests, each side will have different areas of the Mirror World that they can enter and exit safely. A Light Rider better be stealthy and quick if they want to enter an area of the Mirror World controlled by the Shadow. If not, they’ll have to hope they can race back home without being caught. The vice versa is also true.

The appearance of the “My Glade,” the Mirror World section of the “My Farm,” will also change depending on whether or not the player is a Light Rider or a Shadow Rider. And when the player has enough experience to open up a gate to a Mirror World town, what town they have will depend on which faction they’re part of.

Of course, it is a horse game so there are different special magical horses for Light Riders and for Shadow Riders. In Astranar, there are whispers of unicorns and pegasi if you can enter the Mirror World and win their trust. However, white unicorns only come to riders of the Light, and dark unicorns are attracted to riders of the Shadow. The same can be said of the pegasi. White, pastels, and true colors love Light Riders. While black, greys, and muted colors adore Shadow Riders.

While there are other magical horses, one doesn’t truly care about alignment and a couple only come around a very special lucky holiday.

There is also one special pet for each faction. Light Riders can keep rabbits of all varities for pets. While Shadow Riders can keep certain species of the weasel family including weasels, stoats, ferrets, mink, and pine martens. These pets ride along in the saddle bag, can be held by the player, or run along after the player while they’re walking. And if the player has more than one pet, they stay at the “My Farm/My Stable.”

Each faction has their own special equipment and gear for horses and humans alike. For those in the know, wearing these special styles can hint what side you’re on or have been on in the past.

Hopefully, by adding factions to the game and giving them different rewards will encourage replayability and give the player more freedom and customization in how they choose the play their story and craft their own adventure.