Another Excellent Idea

Another Excellent Idea

Hmmm… craft based quests you say… World of More-Crafts…. hmmm…


Tracey Provenzano on Twitter:

#MakeAVideoGameBetter World of More-Carfts. It’s a fantasy based #MMORPG meets #Pinterest. All your quests are #craft based. #WorldofWarcraft

We’re listening. We’re listening intently.

Studio Goals for Mystic Riders

Studio Goals for Mystic Riders


DnD_SafeSpace from twitter:

Let’s start with #inclusion and #diversity – not just in characters, but also the people involved in the lifecycle of game development and marketing. #MakingAVideoGameBetter

For the game Mystic Riders, Becca and I are dedicated to wanting to have diverse and inclusive people working on our game including women, people of color, and those who are on the LGBTIA+ spectrum.

Black Lives Matter

Diversity Matters