Pet Spotlight: Cats

Pet Spotlight: Cats

If we have dogs, of course we have to have cats. It’d be the end of the world otherwise. Of course, sometimes cats tend to pick the girl rather than the girl picking the cat, but that makes them a bit like the Astranar Wild Horse, doesn’t it? They fit inside of your saddlebag, but also can be carried or walk alongside you. Cats are available in every district, and they aren’t a pet you can tame so you’ll have to pay the adoption fees for one. (Stray cats become station cat conductors!)

Tabby Cat

Much like with our dogs, we’ve created a “starter” list that we’ll open the game with of different cat varieties, including both long hair and short hair. Other colors and specific breeds will be available through updates, but there’s a catch. Most of the “flat” faced cats won’t be available unless there’s a more humane option, since we are aiming to promote healthy animals over breed specifics with breathing problems. (Becca already has to freak out over her 1-year old rescue kitten since his nose is just flat enough to concern her.)

Orange Tabby

The initial grouping hopefully leaves something for everyone. We had a starting grouping of colors, from blonde to red to brown to black and mixes of different colors, with each breed having one of these colors or patterns to start with. Long or short hair, the patterns will initially be the same regardless, though of course, with further updates, we can change it up. Personality wise, there are always shy cats, adventurous cats, witchy cats (and I don’t mean the hat, just the personality), and many others who will be happy to sit in your saddle bag and purr as you go along.

White Cate

Whichever cat you end up adopting, they will see you as the center of their world…or at least, the one who opens the cans of food, which is basically the same thing. Will you bring one home, or will you hold out for some of our…less conventional…pets that are upcoming?