Breed Spotlight: Brumby Horse

Breed Spotlight: Brumby Horse

Brumby Horse

Another wild horse, the Brumby is the result of horses escaping, running wild, and forming new family groups called mobs or bands in Australia as it was being settled. While this makes them a bit tricky to identify, they are welcome additions to Astranar. They are a bonus horse, so in order to own one, you’ll need to purchase it with real-world currency.

Some of the Brumbies’ ancestors date back to lost or runaway horses of the European founders, but there are always more recent additions too. For the most part, they are a combination of “Capers”, Timor ponies, various mish-mash of British pony and horse breeds, and, to quote Wikipedia, “a significant number of Thoroughbreds and Arabians.” While the mobs inhabit many places across Australia, including national parks, they are widely regarded by some environmentalists, governments, and ecologists as pests. Other supporters however consider their survival necessary as preserving Australian history.

Brumby 1

Because they are such a mixture, there is no “breed standard,” and their pest/wild status appears to have prevented any kind of registry or breed book from being established either. One brumby may look very different from another, though depending on where in Australia the mob is from, they may lean one way or another. Because of them being good stock horses and Pony Club horses when domesticated, Astranar has offered to take on some of the population to help with the more densely populated areas. They live in the Citrine district, which has lush moors that must feel like home to these rugged horses.

Brumby 2

Breed Characteristics:
As a sign of their mixed heritage and breeding, brumby come in all varieties of coats, from solids to paints and all markings in between. Much like other breeds however, there is the presence of graying genes that can make some markings different than others. Because the brumby are imported to help with the population in Australia that are becoming too prevalent and into problem territory, Astranar only has geldings and mares for sale.

Starting Stats: *
Speed:                    3                                              Discipline:       3
Endurance:         4                                               Agility:             3
Strength:             4

* Note, these numbers aren’t set in stone. They are Becca’s way of trying to reduce her knowledge/research of breeds and their particular skills and traits into numbers so when animators and programmers have to look at these horses, they can go, “Oh, this horse can’t turn worth beans but this one can on a dime, noted!”