Pet Spotlight: Dogs

Pet Spotlight: Dogs

Our first pet post has to be about man’s best friend. Or rather, in this case, girl’s best friend. These friendly balls of energy and fur are all smaller breeds, convenient to keep in your dorm rooms, your saddle bags, and to follow you along on foot. Dogs are available in every district, and they aren’t a pet you can tame so you’ll have to pay the adoption fees for one.


So what kinds of dogs will you have to pick from? Well, all kinds, but we’ve created a “starter” list that we’ll open the game with, and different coat colors and breeds will come along as part of an update schedule. They will always be of a small or toy breed though–we want you to be able to carry your friend with you in your second saddlebag, after all. Though there will be puzzles that you can train your pet to help you solve as they can get to places that you can’t. But for them, it’s just fun!


The initial grouping hopefully leaves something for everyone. There are tough-looking dogs (that we all know just want to lick our faces), frilly dogs with lots of curls, silly dogs that just want to run and play, and no real nationality gets favoritism. (Except maybe Corgis because we are biased.) We had a starting grouping of colors, from blonde to red to brown to black and mixes of different colors, with each breed having one of these colors or patterns to start with.


Whatever your speed, these pups will be with you the whole way. Whoever you take home is a best friend for life. Of course, hopefully your horse agrees and doesn’t get jealous! (You never know, they get so fussy…)