Pet Spotlight: Ferret

Pet Spotlight: Ferret

Fluffy and yet elegant, ferrets and stoats have a reputation of royalty, playfulness… and just a bit of mischief. Since the Light magic users have exclusive rights to the rabbit, it seems only fair that the Shadow magic users have exclusive access to ferrets. Ferrets in all their limited variety of colors and patterns are available in every district, or you can find them in the wild to be tamed though be careful not to try this on babies or their mother, the magic won’t work on them.

Ferrets are a long noodle of play and adorable behavior at its finest. While they can sometimes get into everything and anything that their heads can fit into, they are also remarkably sweet and can be very well mannered pets. Many even have “rules” for how they play, and they can act very dramatic if they accidentally break those rules. The ones Astranar offers to players (and that are willing to be bespelled by the magic) are those that confident enough to handle being on a harness and leash and go for a walk as well as content to ride in your saddle bag rather than climbing all over you and your horse.

Much like their rabbit friends, ferrets have a cartoon reputation, but that’s as villains and tricksters. And okay, their curiosity might get them into trouble occasionally, but look at those little faces. How can you stay mad at them? As long as you keep a close eye on them, they shouldn’t get into too much trouble, and they can be good deterrents of pests in your rooms. Of course, if you have a roommate who has a rabbit, you might have some problems getting them to behave around each other…

Despite their reputation, ferrets are elegant pets that are much beloved by their Shadow rider owners. Maybe their insistence on rules of engagement will rub off on them a bit… But this is the last of our mundane pets, and before we get into the more limited edition options, we need to get back to horses. See us next week as we reveal more of our horses!

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