Pet Spotlight: Rabbit

Pet Spotlight: Rabbit

Cute and fluffy, these snuggle buddies are sensitive to their surroundings in surprising ways. Because of the frequent explosions that are part of the instability with Shadow Magic, they tend to be Light Magic practitioner pets only. Rabbits in all sorts of colors and patterns are available in every district, or you can find them in the wild to be tamed though be careful not to try this on babies or their mother, the magic won’t work on them.

Most think of rabbits as being shy and not the most friendly of pets. This really depends on the rabbit. Some can be very affectionate, and in their comfort of their homes, they have no sense of boundaries. (They can, and will, wake you up in bed if they have decided you’ve gotten enough sleep.) They have very distinct personalities and will let you know what they think. The ones Astranar offers to players (and that are willing to be bespelled by the magic) are those that confident enough to handle being on a harness and leash and go for a walk.

Cartoons would have you believe that all rabbits eat are carrots. But that’s not true! They are herbivores, and the pet store will help you make sure that you have the right foods to fit your rabbit’s needs, as well as tell you what makes good treats for them. You can also get them harnesses and crates for your room to make sure they are adequately taken care of. Just keep an eye on them if you let them out of your saddlebag to wander–they may wander into someone’s garden and cause all sorts of mischief!

These little rascals are very cute, but can get into trouble. Maybe that says something about Light Riders! (Beware the quiet/sweet ones…? Becca just has the paella episode of Good Eats in her head now…) But maybe they are a little…too cute. You want something that seems a little tougher. A little more energetic. And while cute, it is also a bit more elegant. Check out the Shadow Rider’s exclusive pet next week! (And then it’s back to horse breeds. Soooo many horse breeds to do still.)

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