Pet Spotlight: Wild Cat

Pet Spotlight: Wild Cat

These cats, much like their wolf friends, aren’t so much pets as fosters. Much like with the wolves, once they learned of the situation for these wild cats, the educational program started a second in an effort to keep these wild cats’ population settled and thriving, without infringing on humans. Kittens are cared for and made used to humans (as friends, not potential enemies) before they are released back into the wild. They look like fuzzy kittens at this stage, but it doesn’t last long. Wildcat kittens are available in every district, though you’ll have to catch the program as it cycles through, but they cannot be tamed or caught in the wild or purchased in a shop.

Wild cat kittens can and will get into everything and anything. It’s a big world to explore, and they don’t really have an understanding of how small they are in it. As troublesome as any kitten and just as cute, these kittens will fight for themselves though and sometimes need rescued before they get in too deep. They’ll want to examine anything new they encounter and climb every tree that they find. This could lead to them getting stuck high in the branches, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on your friend.

Common Wild Cats, kittens / (Felis silvestris)

The education group fosters kittens out for six months. After that, it’s important for the kittens to be returned to the group so they can continue with their work to integrate the kitten and allow it to manage a territory without infringing on farmlands or being threatened by humans. Very rarely, someone will have a kitten for longer, but that’s usually because of either a health issue with the kitten that is still being treated or because the kitten was orphaned and the program is figuring out the best placement. (Possibly as an animal ambassador at a zoo.)

As cute as they are, it’s important to remember that these are wild cats, not domesticated tabbies, so they are still wild animals. They are meant to be temporary friends at best, but they will teach you so much about the instincts of nature. Now, there are some pets that are going to be uniquely available to you depending on the faction that you pick, Light or Shadow. Next week, we’ll start introducing them!

(AS A NOTE: Ginny and Becca are offering a wild cat option to appeal to players in a way that is at least making a nod to the true situations of wild cats that find themselves in the pet trade, who are in desperate need of sanctuary as people don’t know how to raise them and end up way over their head. Wild cats, from the Bavarian wild cats we reference to cougars to tigers, are not meant to be household pets, which is why wild cats aren’t a pet you can keep in the game. Exact mechanics are up for debate with a programmer…when we get one.)

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