Pet Spotlight: Piglets

Pet Spotlight: Piglets

Okay, we know this one is weird. But there’s a lot of us who grew up on Charlotte’s Web, including Becca who is terrified of spiders, and so piglets remain cute little friends. Since the pigs are babies, they fit inside of your saddlebag, but also can be carried or walk alongside you (for now). Piglets are available in every district, and they aren’t a pet you can tame so you’ll have to pay the adoption fees for one. (They can’t exactly live in the wild, and taking someone else’s pig is stealing.)

Piglets are omnivores and eat anything, making them excellent companions if you are someone who likes the kitchen…as long as you aren’t cooking bacon, ham, or BBQ. (Don’t encourage cannibalism, or risk offending your friend!) They may be small and cute to start with, but they grow up to be a lot bigger! So if you do invite them into your kitchen, make sure you plan for a big enough seat for them.

Since pigs are notably difficult to domesticate and keep domesticated, we’ve decided to stick to the varieties of pig that have at least a few generations of domestication in them. So no wild boar piglets or warthogs–though if you go to the Emerald Zoo, you may see a few on exhibit (and one walking around on a leash that you can pet). Some farmers keep the larger cousins to your pet, and would be willing to take him on if he gets too big for you to handle and they always have new piglets to sell.

Definitely not the cute pet that used to appear in photos (oh God, Becca just showed how old she was), Astranar is home to stranger things than a girl riding past with a piglet in her saddlebag. Is a pig the right pet for you? If it isn’t quite what you had in mind, too cheerful maybe, check at the cute (albeit cranky) pet next week!

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