Breed Spotlight: Chincoteague Pony

Breed Spotlight: Chincoteague Pony

Chincoteague Pony

A hardy breed of survivors descended according to local legend from shipwrecked Spanish horses, the Chincoteague pony is the hardiest of the ponies available in Astranar. One of the quests in game does provide coin to buy a pony before you continue! Will you pick the Chincoteague?

The wild horses and horses raised in care from breeders are a little different in terms of size, but for sake of our poor coders, they are still very much being counted as ponies. Of sound, sturdy build with straight legs and broad body, their noted for a straight or concave facial profile and broad forehead. An intelligent breed, they very much have minds of their own and their own personality. They can get a bit spunky if they have other plans, but they are also eager workers who want to please.

Chinco 1

While the Chincoteague penning, swims, and auctions still take place as part of population control, to continue that goal and to help with genetic diversity, breed books were established in the U.S. and through careful negotiation (and maybe a pirate or two), Astranar as well. Astranar very carefully regulates their own breeding stables to make sure everything remains healthy. With their hardy natures, they do well as endurance horses, but they are very nimble which suits them well to the agility and pony events in Ruby District. They can also be trained to pull a small trap, buggy, or cart.

Chinco 2

Breed Characteristics:
Chincoteague ponies come in several colors, including sorrel (red with blonde mane for Mystic Rider purposes), chestnut (red with red mane for Mystic Rider purposes), bay, brown, buckskin, palomino, black, and grey. While paint coats are highly prized due to the book series that popularized this breed, they are also more expensive even in Astranar since the graying gene is still present.

Starting Stats: *
Speed:                    1                                              Discipline:       2
Endurance:         5                                               Agility:             4
Strength:             3

* Note, these numbers aren’t set in stone. They are Becca’s way of trying to reduce her knowledge/research of breeds and their particular skills and traits into numbers so when animators and programmers have to look at these horses, they can go, “Oh, this horse can’t turn worth beans but this one can on a dime, noted!”

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